Continuous monitoring, personalised control

An innovative solution for long-term continuous blood pressure monitoring

Who we are


SMARTSHAPE is an EU-funded collaboration between eight European partners, dedicated to creating a novel medical device for hypertension management. Over the next three years (2022-2026), our team will work on an IP-protected and innovative microsensor for continuous blood pressure monitoring.

By developing a medical device that allows patients to monitor their blood pressure levels 24/7, SMARTSHAPE aims to help improve healthcare for people living with hypertension and support the development of personalised – and more effective – diagnostic and treatment plans.

A novel implantable microsensor

Innovative materials, using a smart polymer

Continuous and non-intrusive blood pressure monitoring

Tool for personalised treatment plans


For patients with chronic hypertension

Ultimately, we aim to improve the lives of people living with chronic, uncontrolled hypertension, which is why the patient perspective is crucial to the project. SMARTSHAPE actively collaborates with a Patient Experience Panel, that brings the patients’ voice into the scientific research.

Soon we will share more about the Patient Experience Panel. Stay tuned!

Latest news


The smart biomaterial of SMARTSHAPE

June 11, 2024
Arjan Sall is one of the team members at the University of Birmingham, working on the development of an implantable smart polymer for the SMARTSHAPE project. He shares some insights of his presentation at the World Biomaterials Congress 2024.

From PhD project to the SMARTSHAPE Horizon project

April 18, 2024
Muhammad Farooq is one of the team members at the University of Galway, working on the sensor technology development within the SMARTSHAPE project. He shares some insights of his work within SMARTSHAPE.

SMARTSHAPE Consortium meeting 2024

January 23, 2024
Gathering in Basel, where our partner Merakoi is located, the SMARTSHAPE consortium recently came together for its annual consortium meeting.